Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LTTSA: Bucket Hat Link Up, and a Pretty Fun Announcement

I really thought this kid would never want to wear his hat. But he LOVES this thing. He wants it whenever we are outside. He puts it on and says, "Let's go fishing now!" He's never been fishing before, but apparently he knows that's what bucket hats are for. That kid.

Just this week, I saw that Liesl Gibson released the hat pattern for free download. So if you've been watching from the sidelines because you don't have the book, you can now get the pattern here. Bucket hats for the world.

So now is the time to show off your awesome skills and cap off (pah! get it? I'm soooooo funny) our first month of the LTTSA. I think I have seen most of your hats already and I'm seriously impressed. I know I have seen some of you commenting on each other's hats too, which is very cool. But if you haven't taken a look around, but sure to visit everyone's post after you link up yours. Who knew you could get so creative with one simple hat pattern? 

AAAAAAAND, because you all have been so great and participatory and really exceeded my expectations already for how the sew-along would go, I've decided to make this month even more fun with a giveaway. You guys know I never do those, so I must really love my sew-alongers :)

For the September backpack project, everyone who participates and links up their pack at the end of the month will be entered to win an Oliver & S clothing pattern of your choice! Whoa, awesome, I know.

First backpack post next week, so if you are jumping in now, just leave me a comment and I'll add you to the list. See more info and grab the button on the sew-along page up there. 

Ok, let's party! On an imaginary fishing boat....

(I'll keep the party open for a week, in case there are any laggers.)


  1. I could always use a new pattern!! I still haven't finished my bucket hats yet though,these wonderfully paiful galstones make it hard to do any sewing lately. I will say I can't wait till the backpack sew along!!

  2. How fun has this been?? I've opted to not do the backpack as we have a million in our house, but to do the messenger bag instead. Does that work?? Noooo, I'm not afraid of zipper, that's not why...;) Deborah at whipstitch has taught me well!!

  3. Come up and here and we'll take all the H's + E fishing.

    I agree, month one has been super awesome. Way to be a good sew-along host.

  4. Great hat! And happy fishing! :-)

  5. A giveaway, how exciting. A good incentive for me to get over "zipper fear"!

  6. Can't wait to see all the creative goodness that comes from September's sewalong! It was fun to go back and see everyone's bucket hats.:)

  7. This laggard had a major fail on the hat construction -_-; Very sad.

    In Sept I'll be making the baby bibs in lieu of the backpack, and I'm looking forward to it!

  8. Oops, I think I messed up : ( linking to my hat (http://makemestudio.blogspot.com/2011/08/oliver-s-bucket-hat.html) I'll join for Sept too but with the messenger bag instead of back pack.


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