Friday, August 26, 2011

PR Episode 5: Klumzilla and the Crackheads

This episode was so full of BS it was ridiculous.

First of all Ms. Klum, didn't we just have this challenge last season? (I think, if not last season, it was a very recent one. Designers had to make looks for her sportswear line, and I believe they even did it in teams like this.) Apparently this show just has to bow to building your brand name empire now. It's a bit obnoxious.

Also, the judging in general, seemingly led by the Klumzilla, was just so wildly all over the place and mostly wrong about everything.

The Top 2 or 3:

Viktor: This was the only thing they got right. Viktor's look won and was clearly the best. Let's all just admit that jacket is badass. And the fact that he made it look so good with a drapey jersey dress like that and it still looked perfect with the sneakers is impressive. I'd wear that dress, although if I attempted to wear a jacket like that my friends would probably do laughing spit takes. I need a neck tattoo, obviously.

Anya: This is the other winning look that will be sold on amazon. It's a great dress, I like the sporty stripes and racerback and love that print. It is just another dress that is completely designed for Anya herself, but that seems to be working for her. We'll see if that carries her to the end, as it does seem that she is the only one that the judges like consistently. But this is where the episode turns into Dumbo's drunken circus dream and you have no idea what is happening... Why was there a second winning look at all? I don't know. Pointless. And why didn't the designer of that winning look actually win for it? I don't know. Pointless. Klumzilla on a rampage.

Joshua: Instead, this guy won for Anya's look. I guess the judges were very taken with his team leadership. What? In the beginning, his team was one of the two called out for having getting-along issues within the team. In this case, that was purely his fault. Even if it was his plan to just use Becky for her skills and not let her actually design, you don't come out and tell her that. A good leader would have found a way to get her on their side and do what they wanted, all while making her think it was at least somewhat her idea. He was really dickish to her, but at least he did apologize. If he had realized that she needed a little coddling, he could have saved a lot of strife and time. And anyway, I don't know where he gets his idea that she's dowdy. Her dress from last week was very young looking and actually looked a bit like his style. 

As for his look, the detail on the side of the shorts was cool, but that vest was ridiculous. I can't believe that Nina of all people liked it. 

Some mediocre stuff:

Josh C: I was actually pretty happy to see him come back. Hopefully he's gotten a little tougher and we don't have to watch him wet his pants on stage the next time he gets cut. I really liked this look a lot. Those pants look perfect with the sneakers and I love the black suede pockets. Even the holster business looks good here. I wish he had made the t-shirt a bit more fitted, especially in the sleeves, but that's my only quibble. 

Becky: Hello nips. This look is pretty boring and the shirt is unfortunate. But mostly I just want to talk about Becky. She had a bit of a pity-party, but really you can't blame the designers for that sort of thing with the kind of pressure and schedule they maintain. (Plus, who of us girls haven't done that?) Besides, Joshua was really unnecessarily mean to her. BUT, what impressed me about her this week was that she was genuinely happy and rejoicing for his win, even after all that. The girl's got character and integrity. Unlike someone else...

Bert: It's almost becoming laughable. He finds new ways each week to make you hate him just a little more. He acts above the whole reality show competition thing, but maybe he is really the one milking it for all it's worth and making himself this season's most memorable character. I mean, how did Anthony Ryan not just turn and punch him on the stage? He was literally jumping for joy and laughing when the judges criticized his teammates. How can you be that old and still be that immature and generally crappy as a person? 

AND WHY WON'T THE JUDGES SEE IT? Really, you can't remember the last time a team had this much trouble getting along? Well, It was two weeks ago, and the one common factor was Bert. His look didn't go with the sneakers at all, he was obviously a huge troublemaker in the team, and yet he got a pass. He should have been in the bottom with the other two. 

Olivier: Should have listened to his teammates about farmgirl here, but mostly I just wanted to remind you of this:

        "I wanted to be a team leader, but instead I had to fall like a bitch."

That line alone may have been worth all the crazytown in this episode. HILarious.

The Bottom 2:

Danielle: Oh Danielle. She lost this week, but at least now she is free to continue her torrid love affair with chiffon and maybe elope with it to Jamaica or something. This is not sporty at all. Why didn't she use jersey and make something similar to her first week's look? That type of top would have been perfect in this challenge.

Anthony Ryan: To be fair, he should have lost this week. This was one of the saddest things to ever go down the runway. Just another example of the judges following arbitrary whims and ideas about how much past challenges can carry a designer. But I am glad he didn't lose, because I still like him, and besides that he had to deal with the Abominable Bertman. He did seem like he was trying his best, but I don't think Bert would let himself be under the leadership of anyone. I wish he would get back to some of that pattern mixing he does so well.

Really, this week was much more about the personalities than about the looks. Oh, and about Heidi. And about inconsistent judging and agism.

And what the hell was Cecilia's problem? Why did she even go on the show? Some people have integrity, some people don't. A lot of people's true colors came out this week.

What did you guys think? The Bert thing is getting a bit puzzling. Do you think he's playing a part, or is he really just that crappy of a person? Do you think the producers are keeping him out of the judges' line of fire for entertainment value? I guess we'll see what variety of crazy the judges choose to reward next week...


  1. I was basically bored the whole time. I guess I'm not interested in athletic wear, because who would really wear any of that with running shoes?

  2. ok. this whole episode was seriously a big ol' hot mess!

    cecelia, um... i don't even know what's with that, except that her whole "i tried to get out last week" comment was ridiculous. not that i want julie back, but if that was her game, she should have stepped down then.

    poor oliver and his bitch fall ;) but seriously, heidi and EVERYONE else told you your skirt was all farmy and stuff. i do like him though, so i'll forgive him a little. i guess at least he stuck to his guns.

    viktor really rocked this challenge. who would put those things together? and with sneakers? but it totally works! on a runway, at least... i'm not running out to the store or anything. and it was cute how happy he was to win.

    joshua. oh, joshua. "your target market is 40 to dead." ??? wtf dude? i realize that as the leader, you have to be tough sometimes, but that was way over the line. and, i think, completely untrue. just b/c she doesn't own a bedazzler...

    i really felt for becky. and i think she held up relatively well under the pressure. i mean, she is a kickass seamstress, but not letting her have any design say-so kinda sucks. like you said, a good leader would have made her think things were her idea.

    i would like to complain a moment about anya's dress (yes, that somehow joshua won for?). did anyone else notice that the zipper was all flappy at the back as it came down the runway? and that stripe on the front didn't appear to be attached quite right either. i don't want to be too nitpicky, and maybe i imagined it, but eh.

    danielle v. anthony. anthony's outfit was hands down the worst thing there. maybe the worst all season? danielle's was bad, though probably not in and of itself deserving to go home. however, i would SO much rather see what anthony ryan does next week than danielle so i'm glad that the kors and nina won on this battle.

    i liked josh c's outfit... hadn't thought about the sleeves before, but you're totally right on that. those pants were pretty great... i don't remember him being that great at tailoring before though. did someone else sew them? i was surprised. glad he's back. hoping that joshua doesn't try to make out with him or anything.

    bret. oh, good lord, bert. wow. and how are the judges not outraged by his behavior on stage when they were talking to the rest of his team?!?

    blah blah blah... enough from me ;)

  3. Oh, Bert. Maybe being sober just isn't a good idea for him, ya know? And it was just last season that they had to design for Heidi's sporty line. Wasn't thrilled to see that challenge brought back. Overall, last night was a complete train wreck. 5% fashion and 95% crazy ass drama.

  4. Just refreshed the page and lost my 10min commentary, so I'll just retype my favorite and a criticism.

    Josh C. Way to go. He captured what Crazy Klum originally described as the challenge, and has amazing details on the shirt. Love the cross-cut seams. Does need to be a bit more fitted, however, still an excellent shirt. And maybe he was going for a loose top contrasting the tight jeans. Excellent tailoring on the jeans.

    Viktor's dress needs work. I have no issue with a twirly bottom or the cute cinched waist with ties. It's the loose top. It looks rushed. He should have made it more fitted and wearable. Not very impressive in my opinion. However his Jacket is AWESOME. So, I will forgive the judges for his win. But, truth be told, I don't think that a dress is "active wear."

  5. Agree with everything Rachael said above. That flappy zipper thing bugged me, too.

    I think Bert has a bit of an entitlement mentality--because of his age? His triumph over addiction? I don't know, but I wish the judges would've called him out for his unprofessional attitude on the runway.

    And hey Joshua: some of us are over 40, not dead yet, and still want to wear stylish clothing. :P Go Becky!

  6. Ok so I am done with anya. I know she is a great designer.... but is she really that? I mean... she can't sew (I know that doesn't make you a designer) but you have to do that to be on the show right? It seriously makes me more upset everytime I watch it. This last episode clearly showed that she was miss popular. If becky would not have sewn that dress then it wouldn't have become that winner, but she did not get any credit for it.

    On the last season when gretchen won I was so upset. In my eyes, mondo was the winner. I still think so. If anya wins over victor and Anthony (the 3 I think will be in the top) then I will be done. (Even though I have said that before... ha!)

    I just kinda feel like its a popularity contest. Would someone help Becky sew a collar on to help her out? I don't think so.

    Ok off my soap box! Thanks for letting me do my project runway rant! :-)


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