Monday, August 29, 2011


So I told you about joining Rachel's do.Good Stitches quilting bee. August was our circle's first month and these are my first ever bee blocks.

The quilt is inspired by this one, except our background will be gray instead of blue. I actually finished these about a month ago. My edges are a bit wavy, but I was really happy with them at first. But as the month goes on I get less and less pleased with them. I think mine are a bit more wonky than everyone else's and my gray is also darker. I like it when bee quilts have really varied blocks on the same theme, but hopefully this month's designer Leigh does as well. Either way, I just need to get them in the mail!
Any bee veterans have tips for packing blocks? Do you just stick them in an envelope or what?

Here's a little sneak peek of another patchwork-y project I'm working on. I have way too many of those going on at once right now. I also have a full-sized quilt top about halfway done that I can't show you at all because it is a gift for someone special. I'm excited about it though :)

And then there's this...

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh, I love a good binkie face! What a sweet girl :)

    I really like your blocks! I have wonkiness issues with things that are more free-pieced (ah, who am I kidding, I have wonkiness with everything) so I tend to make things a little bit bigger and trim them down to the size later so I can guarantee their squareness. I put my bee blocks in a sandwich or quart size ziploc before I send them out. But that's it!

  2. Those blocks are so fun, and I'm excited to see what patchwork thing you have cooking up there! What a sweet and cute little distraction you have!

  3. Yep, a lot of people put blocks in sandwhich bags, seal them up and then send in a big envelope. The plastic protects!

    I think the wonky angles on your piecing look great! If the overall finished size isn't the square size she requested, you would want to piece some more gray and then trim it up to the desired measurements. But, it may be just the photo and they really are square. That happens to me sometimes!

  4. whoops, I didn't even notice how completely weirdly shaped these look in the picture! they are square, i promise :)


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