Monday, August 1, 2011

Oliver & S pre-game show

So I've been snooping around your blogs, sew-along joiners. Turns out most of you are no strangers to Oliver & S patterns. You guys have made tons of adorable things from them! I am completely blown away. Me, I've only made one little Ice Cream dress, so I'm excited about all I can learn from you pros :)

Cecile made this ruffled halter- love the picture collage.

Lazy days skirt! Love it, Jenny.

Two absolutely perfect family reunion dresses from Cindy.

Love Melissa's picnic blouse and shorts. Those are just about the cutest shorts in the history of shorts.

Are you kidding with this backpack? Adorable Amanda! Can't wait for us to make this one.

Ice Cream dresses! All-time favorite dress pattern of all time. Ever. And a family reunion in Sherbet Pips fabric? I'm dying, Sarah. You've killed me. 

Bucket Hats, Bubble Dress, and paper doll art (great idea!) all by Sharon. She has actually made WAY more Oliver & S than I could ever post here, so go look around her blog. It's really inspiring how much she makes for her kids!

Another ruffled halter, a music box dress, and boy's nature walk pullover by Nicole. She has lots more O&S goodness on her blog, and I love seeing homemade clothes on kids that are a little bit older than you normally see in blog land... hmm, I wish I hadn't just said blog land...

Moving on, Jojo's super cute Seashore Sundress.

 Boy shirt! I'm always super impressed by anyone who tackles a button-up boy shirt. I don't even know if they are that hard to make, but they seem like it. I'm not worthy, Jodi

OK, I'm so intimidated by you people, I quit the sew-along. 

Just jokes :)

I think this just speaks to how great Oliver & S patterns are. They are clear and simple and turn-out an amazing product. I think this sew-along will be great for all levels, even if you are new to using actual sewing patterns. Each Oliver & S pattern is like taking a mini sewing lesson, and it will be even better with all of us talking each other through it. 

I was so excited when a friend of mine on facebook told me the other day that she was joining in and had just ordered her book. She said she is a beginner sewer, but she's diving right in! Love that. 

Bucket hats are a go tomorrow. I'll walk you through how I like to trace and cut out my patterns, and talk about interfacing and cute fabrics. Leave me a comment if you are deciding to join in!

(p.s. Thanks to everyone who has been spreading the word. Oliver & S actually caught wind and tweeted about the sew along. How cool is that?)


  1. Oh I am sew (hehe) excited about this sew along! It's a very wonderful idea thanks for hosting!!

  2. Great round up Jessica - I have been sifting through my stash tonight, trying to work out what fabrics I want to use for my bucket hat - bring it on, I say

  3. How did I miss this???? I'm in. Don't have a blog but I'm etcetera147 on flickr. Thanks for hosting this!

  4. I really want to be in, but I've already made 3 O+S bucket hats this spring/summer (i love them) and don't think any more are needed at the moment. Might need to skip to September's project? ;)

  5. Wow! So many pretty things! I'm impressed!Thanks for hosting the sew along. I'll try to translate my blog notes for the O+S sew along into English :-)

  6. Fun round up! I need to pick out some fabric and get moving on my hat.

  7. Thanks for the compliment-I wondered were the 'traffic' was coming from!

  8. I loved seeing who else is participating! Thanks for the nice words. :)

  9. Hello! After spending the evening looking through my Oliver + S book deciding what to make next, I decided to hop onto blog land--yes, I said it, too!--and see who else is sewing from the book. I found you on flickr, and I am so excited and happy to see you've decided to host a sew-a-long from this book. Count me in!


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