Wednesday, July 28, 2010

100 Reasons

This is my 100th post here! I've been looking back over some of the things I've posted since November when I started, and it occurred to me that for my 100th post I wanted to honor some of my most faithful and encouraging blogland friends- the ones who have supported me from the beginning. I really didn't know when I started this thing that the most fun part of having my own crafty little nook on the internet would be making friends. In fact, I really didn't know what I was doing, or why.

But when you put just a little bit of yourself out there in cyberspace, it's the easiest way to connect with all of these people who have similar interests and who you would not be able to connect with otherwise. So I want to introduce you to just a few of my best cyber-buds. The funny thing is, I knew all these people just a little bit before, but not as great friends. Now, we look out for each other because we're blog friends, letting each other know about things we know the others would love, encouraging new endeavors, and just plain being interested in each other's creativity. I love it. (And by the way, if I heard someone talking about their "internet friends" like this a year ago, I would have totally made fun of them. Ha! I'm such a snob.)

This is Olivia (and her adorable family.)

She blogs at The Saturated Palette. I hate to over-use the word "lovely," but her blog is just lovely. It feels all warm and homey and happy when I read it. She is a fluid writer, a coffee/ book/ all-things-French snob, and a great wife and mommy. (and babe #2 is on the way-yay!)

I knew her only because she went to college with my husband and I think I met her once. But she was definitely the first person to start commenting regularly on this campy little site I started. I think as a seasoned blogger, she knew how much the creative encouragement meant. :) 

She is also a very talented artist, and she sells both originals and prints of her work in her Etsy shop, Palette Theory. She is pretty much the reason I started my shop. I thought, "Well, Olivia is a person I know, and she has a shop. And she's awesome. Maybe I can do it." I have sound reasoning like that for just about everything. 

This is Carmen.

She blogs at Life Blessons. Her writing is always inspiring and encouraging. She writes about everything in life, from cooking and decorating, to her marriage and her faith- I love the variety. And this girl is living on purpose- everything she does is striving to be a better wife and Jesus-follower. You should probably follow along on her journey. 

We used to go to church together but were never really friends- then we became blog friends and we both wondered why on earth not?  But she has always been an encouragement to me and my pursuits, which is the coolest. And she is adorable. And she has weaned her hair off of shampoo, which I TOTALLY want to try. 

This is Wendy.

She has started her own beautiful photography business, and of course an accompanying blog called Anwen Elizabeth Photography. It's so cool to follow along as this girl follows her dreams. You can almost taste her passion for photography as she writes about growing her business and talents. And her work is gorgeous eye candy. 

Pre-blogging, I had not talked to Wendy since my senior year of high school, when she was a freshman on my volleyball team. I have a horrible memory when it comes to high school, so I sure hope I was sweet to the younger girls back then :) Wendy always acts like everything I make is the most amazing thing she has ever seen, which is hilarious and totally sweet. I'm glad we are cyber-buddies.

This is Erin.

Erin blogs here about her life as mom of a four-year old girl and 18-month-old twin boys- crazy! I love this picture because I imagine it pretty much sums up her life trying to wrangle them. Oh yeah, and most of the time she is single-mom'in-it with her husband deployed overseas. Amazing! Whenever I feel frazzled as a mom, I just think of her and feel better :) I seriously can't imagine how she does it, but she is an awesome mom. And she even makes time to squeeze in a little sewing- like making approximately 139 sock monkey favors for her boys' first birthday. (Not really, but it was a lot.)

And that's just the beginning really. So many other "casual friends" have now become blog-buddies. 

-Courtney takes great pictures and has the most down-to-earth writing voice.
-Stacia is a seriously good cook. I want to eat everything she makes. One time she wrote about this recipe that took 2 days to make. What?!
-My good friend Jessica started blogging about her beekeeping adventures in her backyard- how cool is that?
-Kara is so cute and stylish and always has great tips. (and she just got engaged! Yay!)
-Katie is super crafty, has a sweet humble writing voice, and an amazing story.
-Sarah is an amazing homeschooling mom who just had her fifth kid. 

Anyway, I think I'm done gushing, but I just wanted to send back the love to all these ladies who have encouraged me in large and small ways. So, you should check them out. Also, if you don't already, start blogging and make new internet friends- accept your dorky fate. 


  1. Jessica, you are SO insanely sweet. This just made my day, and it was so great to know that someone else was as excited as me to reconnect or make new friends just through blogland! I am going to check out all of these other lovely ladies' blogs as well, and who knows, maybe I'll make even more friends! :) Thanks for making me smile.

    Oh and P.S.Everything you make IS the most amazing thing I've ever seen. kidding. You blow my mind with your craftiness. :)

  2. I guess I need to be a voyer more often to see what you are up to.

  3. Happy 100th post. I love that you blog and sell cute monsters with quirky little personalities.

    You make me want to sew more.

    P.S. I'm glad I went to college with Nick, so we could be friends now!

  4. Ah, this is such a great idea, Jessica! I love getting to discover other people's blogs. Thanks so much for the shout-out and kind, kind words :) What a great little note to wake up to! And you should totally try the baking-soda shampoo! I could tell a difference within days and I'm totally sold out on it; I think it's been at least two full months now.

    P.S. I love that picture of Erin. I don't know her, but it definitely looks like what I imagine motherhood will be like for me someday!!

  5. Aww, just got around to reading this. What a pleasant surprise. I might need to go over and meet Ms. Elizabeth and learn about this no-shampoo business! WHAT!?!? Never heard of it. I mostly like conditioner...can I still condition? haha.

    I REALLY need to catch up on my blogging, maybe this will be my motivation. OH, and thanks for the backpack pattern. I actually did come across that one earlier. However...I lamed out and bought one at The CHildren's Place. Super cute and EXACTLY what Elliot wanted. Can't go wrong with happy girl :)

    Okay, love ya...thanks for thinking of me. I just... ... ... way to much!

  6. must add...I TOTALLY know what you mean by "internet friend". I use to always refer to one of my internet twin friends that way. I finally gave her her name back and made sure W knew who I was referring to. I guess I realized that even though we've only communicated via email, blogs, facebook, etc. that we REALLY ARE friends!

  7. Awwwwww. Just saw this finally! Thank you :)


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