Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where I buy fabric

I've heard this question several times lately, so I thought I'd do a little summation for you. The short answer is: ONLINE.

I do have a Jo-Ann's within walking distance from my house, and I usually visit about once a week. But I don't often love their patterned prints. These trips are for other supplies and notions like thread, interfacing, stuffing, fusible web, etc. In fact, just this week I saw the best ever list of sewing supplies to have on hand here on Noodlehead. But the secret to Jo-Ann's is to make sure you sign up for their weekly emails and mailer. I never buy anything significant there without a 40-50% coupon.

But back to the good stuff- pretty fabric.

Here's a short list of websites: (I hit up the sale sections first of course)

  • Hawthorne Threads- Always have the newest designer collections, and be sure sign up for their e-newsletter with weekly giveaway.
  • Fabric Worm- Tons of selection. I could get lost.
  • Sew Mama Sew- Some good sales, and I'm sure you've heard of their blog- tons of tutorials and helpful stuff.
  • Phat Fabric- Lots of cute Japanese imports.
  • Repro Depot- This one is closed for the summer, but bookmark it anyway, because they have the best vintage reproductions.
  • The Fabric Bar- Really want to get my hands on some of their ribbon and trims. 

Also, lately I like to just get on Etsy supplies and search "sale fabric." You will find a very random selection this way, but some good prices. Here are a few shops I have been very pleased with:

I think that's about it.... oh, I also love Ikea fabric (duh) and am lucky enough to have one in my city.

Thinking about all this fabric makes me happy about the possibilities, and frustrated that I don't have a limitless fabric budget. You know, so I can make a skirt out of this very expensive and wondrous stuff:

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  1. That fabric is fabulous! I'm so sick of digging through the less than stellar selections at Joann. In Knoxville, they have a super store where the fabric department is twice as big, but here the selection is lousy. Thanks for the tips.


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