Monday, July 26, 2010

tutus and pillows for a cause

The crafty/ mom blog , Samster Mommy is having a tutu drive. I'm kind of late to the game, because her goal is to get 100 sent in by the end of July, which happens to be Saturday. They will go to the Princess Alexa Foundation, which gives dress up clothes to terminally ill kids. But I wanted to let you know because there is still plenty of time if you make one in the next couple days. And the great part is, you don' even need to sew to make one. See all the info about the drive here, and how to make a no sew tutu here. (I'm sure you could even hot glue the elastic instead of stitching it.)  

  Here is the one I made with blue and pink tulle. Wish I had a cute little girl around to model it.  



   Just to give you an idea of their poofy adorableness, here is Lily in her garden fairy costume I made last Halloween. Hendrix was a garden  gnome.  

In other charitable making news, I came across this article yesterday on the etsy blog about another challenge to get one million pillow cases made for people in need. I love the ambition of that goal! Pillowcases are now next on my list. Find out more about it here.                                
Does anyone know of any other opportunities like this going on right now? Let me know in the comments!


  1. i don't know any specifics, but the ladies in my moms church all made cute little girl dresses out of pillowcases for people in haiti. just a thought.

  2. That's awesome! Those are such great ideas!

    (By the way, I totally dressed up like a garden gnome a few years ago for Halloween!)


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