Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Orleans in iPhonography


(I can't take credit for these. I'm not the one with the hip phone.)

Trombones. So hot right now.


  A view from the Mississip.   

You MUST eat at Jacques imo's. Not an option. Plus, you get to meet this guy.

Nick got to play a little. Backed bBob Marley, no less.

Wouldn't Be complete without a visit to spotted cat. Or three.   

these dancers were SO good.  


 protection marks for a Voodoo Queen.

When is Cincinnatgoing tget it's streetcars? I love them.

Alligator sausage!

A little irony at the aquarium.

Banksy at the museum!   


The most insane quilt I've ever seen.

No really, it was nuts.  

I love this. Although, I see nothing wrong with a little REO in moderation ;)


  1. Great photos! I was just looking for tickets to NOLA last night. We have lived in the south our whole lives and never made it to the French Quarter.

    Yes, I watched every single PS22 Youtube video this past Saturday night. Can't stop! Love them

  2. Great pics! Looks like you had a wonderful visit! Where did you see the cool CRAZY quilt?


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