Friday, July 30, 2010

Tagging and Packaging

So when I opened my Etsy shop and made a couple sales, I was a little caught off guard. I realized I wasn't actually ready to ship the monsters I had made. Well, um... crap.

Luckily, I found a whole stack of old paint chips I had kept stashed from my days decorating children's church rooms. They are from this kid's line of Nickelodeon colors that Lowe's carried, although I don't think they do anymore.

At first, I tried painting over all of the Lowe's branding on the back sides, but that looked pretty awful, so I just glued two chips together back to back, in two colors that kind of match the monster they are on. Then I cover the cartoon characters with my shop name the monster name.

Here are 2 of my first sales ready to go.

They also get the little description attached on a laminated card. I hope to get these professionally printed down the road, but for now, they kind of add to the whole homemade look. 

Penelope was shipped out this morning. She was one of 4 new designs listed this week. You can read about the other 3 here.

Anyway, I love the bright paint chip tags, but I'm going to run out soon. I have some cute vintage owl playing cards I might use when that happens. I'd like to keep using repurposed/ recycled items. Does anyone else have any genius ways you tag your creations, or things you have seen other sellers use?


  1. This might be time intensive, but I like the idea of vintage-y, homemade stamps:

    Maybe just for the name of the monster?

    Hmmm...I'm gonna think about it. I love fun packaging!

    And your monsters are so stinking cute.

  2. What a clever idea. I love how they are coordinated to match the monsters.

    I bought a large roll of brown butcher's kraft paper to but on the tables for our wedding. (Then we provided crayons, so everyone could color).

    Anyways, I use that to wrap all my prints. I also use it to wrap gifts, do projects, pack- three times now.... AND there is still plenty left. Going on almost three years.

    Best $40 I ever spent.

    You could use scraps of fabric and sew up little tags, when those run out?

  3. I use my mini monograming thing on my sewing machine to make labels out of scraps for my stuff and than I sew them in like a ribbon loop!


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