Friday, January 28, 2011

Baby by Sukie

I remembered the other day that I had bought this little book of iron-on transfers over a year ago for a onesie-making baby shower I threw. Then I remembered that none of the transfers came out very well at the party. So I decided to try again because the designs are real cute. And because I really wanted to make a little something sweet and quick for baby girl.

The problem is, they don't turn out nearly as dark as you think they will. It says to press down the iron with at least 30 lbs. of pressure for 5 minutes, but you really have to do it five minutes and then about 3 times longer than you think you need to on top of that. Luckily, pale colors still look cute on baby onesies. (Speaking of which, did you know Target now sells their colored onesies individually for $2? Including that lovely gray.)

This one came out the best, I think because I did it directly on the t-shirt material. But as you can see it's still not nearly as vivid as the original transfer. 

This is the book. There are a lot of woodland and animal designs, and then a bunch of weird stuff too. But I like it, maybe I just need to practice my skills a few more times. Anyone discovered any tricks to use with these types of iron-ons?

Today's crafting music... It's been Adele all week, never get tired of her voice. That and a crazy dance mix I made for Hendrix. He gets his little guitar and asks for "wock 'n woll!!" It's pretty awesome. 


  1. Saw that book at JoAnns several times and wondered if I'd ever use it. Maybe I'll give it a try.

  2. I have never used irons like that, but I have made shirts n stuff with iron ons that I printed off the computer. You can buy white or translucent tranfers depending on what color fabric you're putting it on. They come out colorful and you can create your own design!

  3. i have this book! i got it over a year ago and have had trouble getting good results, too. i'm glad i'm not the only one! i'll give it another try this week, yours turned out pretty well!

  4. I love the little doll one. super cute!


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