Monday, January 17, 2011

Felt Food- Fresh and Lazy

I had a bit of a felt food veggie frenzy this afternoon.

Corn with removable husk, a giant eggplant (which Hendrix has never seen and probably won't in this house), tomato, cucumber, some carrots, potatoes, broccoli and summer squash. 

I didn't really use tutorials, I just looked around at some pictures of what people had done and then made it up. You can find a lot of inspiration right here. I decided I wanted to knock out a whole gaggle of veggies quickly, thus I didn't have time to follow directions and definitely didn't have time to hand sew. So that became my main guideline. I did everything in a pretty lazy way- machine sewed without turning and never worried about matching thread. The only one I did have to turn and hand sew was the tomato. 

I used a couple special stitches on my machine for little touches like the rows of corn and eyes on the potatoes.

This play kitchen was H's big Christmas gift and he loves it. We did get a little bit of play food from Ikea, but I always knew I wanted to try making a lot myself. Now I can't wait to make more. I think pizza and dessert need to come next- I mean, who am I kidding with all these veggies? 


  1. Jessica, those look beautiful, I wish I was there to play with them with Hendrix. The possiblities are endless for other foods. I can't believe you whipped that up so quickly.

  2. What a sweet little kitchen that is! I love the corn!

  3. I love these! Can I be your kid?

  4. i never normally see a toddler kitchen set more geared for boys, they are always too girly. :] i love this one and the veggies are super awesome. you did a great to challenge you make an ice cream cone with a scoop that can be taken in and out :]


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