Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Boredom Buster: Window Paint

I went to Joann's to stock up and spend a couple of Christmas gift cards the other day when I spied this little window paint marker thing for a couple bucks. In this, the middle of January, I'm always looking out for little things to do indoors to keep the toddler in the house busy, even if just for a few minutes. I need to put together a box full of them or something.

He liked the idea of getting to paint on the windows, and especially liked getting to sit in a tall chair to do  it.

Here's a great post on Ohdeedoh about 5 little winter activities like that to have on hand. I'd really love to try the painter's tape all over the walls, Hendrix would love that. What other simple things have bought you 15 minutes of indoor fun?

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  1. I totally need that. Yesterday, I let H play with a bowl of rice and measuring cups, but we are RUNNING out of ideas around here.

    I'd give him the coins, but he'd just try to run and put them down this vent in the floor, like he does with every small object he finds. I think there's a small fortune down there.


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