Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beanbags- a classic.

I remember loving the beanbags at preschool. I think anything you are allowed to throw is good by most kids. I made Hendrix a set of these for Christmas and they turned out really fun.

Of course, H doesn't know his numbers yet, (although he can count to "one, two, one, two, twooooo!") but we have fun tossing them into this elephant storage bin from Target. And when he's older it will be a fun way to practice numbers and simple math.

This is the last handmade Christmas gift I have to share. In fact, I haven't sewn a thing since the week before Christmas, but I'm itching to make some cute little baby girl things. Right now I have some sort of gorilla flu, so I doubt that will happen this weekend. Nick and I are both sick so my mom hopped in the car this morning and drove 5 hours to take care of us for a couple days. Nanas are the best.


  1. oooh! these are super cute! I thought about making some bean bags for my son for his 1st bday. How old is your little guy now?

  2. he'll be two in April- and I'll have a newborn! aaaaaaaah!


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