Friday, January 14, 2011

Trying to get girly.

It's time to get into gear and start making/planning/shopping for baby girl's room. Since I'm sitting here doing nothing but blowing my nose every 20 seconds, I started fabric shopping for bedding and such.

Perusing around Hawthorne Threads, I came up with a color scheme I love for right now- gray, yellow, and kind of a plum/ fuchsia shade. Not sure why this combo sticks out to me. Well, I always love yellow and gray, and I think the plum comes in because I don't really want to go the bubble gum pink route just because it's a girl, but I also don't want to banish the whole pink family. Plum is bright and bold and girly, and any other pink items she is sure to accumulate will still work with it.

Anyway, I might change my mind, but here are some options in that colorway:

I need to keep the gray option pretty neutral because we may move the kids into a room together and use that fabric to tie it all together, like for the curtains. I'm definitely loving the idea of fuchsia houndstooth.

Any thoughts?


  1. LOVE THIS! The first one is my favorite :)

  2. I'm not gonna lie, I'm loving this plum,yellow, and grey color scheme, obviously yellow and grey is the way to my heart. I think the plum is the perfect anti-bubble-gum pink, which I loathe.

    I like the first and last combos the most, but any of them will look great no matter how you combine them!

  3. The first and third are my favorite. I LOVE the grey in the third. Do you know how hard it is to find a nice grey print? well.... it is if you live in a small town and the only place to shop for fabric is walmart...sigh...

  4. my favorite is the third. for some reason, it just stuck out to me.

  5. Awesome color combo! I've been all over the grey and mustard and have the the fuschia print you have in row 3. Never thought to mix them together! Will have to try it out :)

  6. i LOVE the first one :]


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