Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Look what's coming to MY neighborhood!

I am pretty durn excited about this one.

Sewn Studio is opening up here in Oakley, right on Madison Rd. in February.

It's going to be a modern fabric shop, plus sewing studio with classes. I've never taken a sewing a class before, but I'm totally going to take them here. How very studious of me.

(pics from their FB page)
The space is right next to one of our faves- Redtree Gallery. But now they have swanky signs and window graphics all up. I only found out about it by driving by, and I'm pretty sure I about swerved off the road. Wait, no I didn't, that would be irresponsible behind the wheel. I would never do that. 

Please go here to follow them on FB and Twitter, especially if you are a Cincy sewer. If you aren't, well feel free to be jealous this place isn't moving in a few blocks from you. 

(P.S. Did any of you locals used to go to St. Theresa's Textile Trove in College Hill before it closed? I really liked that place and I feel like it left a big crafting void around here. But I'm very sure this place is going to be even cooler.) 


  1. How exciting. I wish there was a modern fabric shop in my neighborhood, I know there are a few in the area, but not really super close.

  2. Just a picture of all that beautiful fabric makes me very excited, can't wait to go with you. And of course to see all the wonderful things you will be inspired to make.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Jessica. I look forward to seeing you in the shop next month when we open!

  4. Isn't the trove still open??? Just in Pendleton?

  5. I just linked to your blog from the Sewn Studio fb site. It's fun to find other modern sewists in the area!

    I am very excited for the shop to open. It was sad that St Theresa's closed. I still receive their email updates, but have not visited their space at Pendleton.

    Now I'm off to poke around your blog! I

  6. I didn't know there was another St. Theresa's, I thought they were just gone. I would say I will have to check it out, but I probably won't have to come February :)


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