Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Doing Good Stitches Lately

Here's what I've been up to for the do. Good Stitches charity bee lately. I love getting to make these blocks every month. I get to try all kinds of things I normally wouldn't think to try, and the girls in my circle are awesome. 

 For example, Diane is so awesome that she designed a whole new quilt for us this past month, complete with mock-up graphics and tutorials for two different types of blocks. It's going to be the "Candyland Quilt." Could not be a more appropriate name.

Do good stitches January
And Leigh is so awesome that she assigned us these very fun and easy wonky stars in January. She knew we needed a break after frantic holiday sewing season. 

I, on the other hand, am so un-awesome that I still haven't put together my quilt from back in November. Everyone did such a great job on these blocks, but I really wanted to make this into a twin sized quilt for Project Linus. So I kind of log-cabined each block with different shades of aqua blues. It added a lot of size, plus kind of unified the different background colors. I like the look of it, but I think it needs another color. 

It still needs some size, so I was thinking a golden/ mustard yellow border? Would that be weird? I was this to have a boyish look overall, like something a teenager could use on their bed... should I just do a white border? I don't know, I think it needs some warmth. HELP me! Either way, I'm going to bind it in this great oversized black and white houndstooth we have at the shop. I need to at least finish this sucker before it's my turn to be quilter again in May!

For March I still need to make some heart blocks for Melissa. I've been working on some curves lately so maybe I'll tackle a curvy pieced heart. 

What about you? Have you been working on any new skills lately? Are you in a bee that encourages you to? Find out more info about do. Good stitches right here. 


  1. I love those itsy bitsy squares! I'm so pinning them... too bad you'll never see them on Pinterest. ;)

  2. I say add some orange to your quilt with the aqua. I think that would look great!

  3. PS: I wanted to learn more about you so I tagged you on my blog today! :)

  4. great blocks! they all look perfect. i like heathers suggestion to add some orange to your quilt. sound perfect. have you decided yet?

  5. I love the way your quilt is coming out! I think any contrasting shade would be awesome. Yellow or orange. Or maybe green? Something bold, I agree!

  6. I think a lemon yellow would be really sharp with it. Now I really love golden yellow, but those blues look so icey in the picture that I think they may pop better with lemon yellow. Maybe lemon yellow with more white to keep it light? Oh, just don't listen to me...

  7. Love do.Good Stitches - I always try to do something new too. Good luck with your blue quilt - looks like you've got expert advice above...

  8. Your quilts/crafts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
    Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)

  9. loving how your quilt top is coming together! i LOVE the sashing you've added. I think mustard might be cool too!


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