Saturday, March 31, 2012

LTTSA: The Final Link-Up!

This is a bit sad isn't it? But not too bad, because I know we've all made some new friends thru this little sew-along and we'll keep the fun going in other ways. And I promise that I will soon work on updating the Little Things to Sew Along page on my blog so that it links to all our old posts. That way it's here for people's reference. For instance, summer hat time is coming again and you might want to make bucket hats with no hand stitching. Or you might want to make a backpack for your preschooler in the fall and need guidance on the zipper.

Anyway, onto the vests and other pretty projects!

I didn't even need to tell Hendrix that this was the way to model a vest. He just said, "Hey, what you looking for? You've seen my watches? I've got sunglasses too... very good price." What a worldly two year old.

You may notice that my buttons are not at all spaced evenly. Blurg. I made the bottom button hole first, then I went to do the middle one and my buttonhole foot would not move over the thick pocket layers. I tried and failed many times. So there was nothing else to do but move the top two buttons up some so they weren't aligned with the pockets. Hopefully you don't make the same mistake if you make the vest. I also kind of regret using crunchy pre-made binding on the armholes. I should have made something a bit more fun. No biggie though.

Can't wait to see your final projects for the sew-along!

Remember, link up by next Saturday and you could win your own copy of Growing Up Sew Liberated.

(P.S. I'm soooooo sorry that this link party won't have thumbnail pictures. My inlinkz account expired and I didn't want to renew since this is the last one. I know, cheap. Please make sure you visit other's links even though you can't see a pretty preview of it! It's actually kind of fun and mysterious this way... No? Ok, you're right. Sorry.)


  1. Your little vest is soooo cute! Yet so BOY! Nice job! And thanks for the warning about the buttonholes!

    I made the Bucket Hat this time instead, since I have a very girly-girl to sew for who didn't want a vest. ;) Since we have a lot of wind here, I needed to make it with a strap to hold it on. I puzzled for the longest time on how to do this and still have it reversible, and I finally figured it out! Woohoo! Anyone who's already made the hat may want to check it out if they need a strap, because it can still be done on a finished hat!

    Thanks for your "no hand stitching" post, and also the post for the free download. I found both before making my hat, so I did not have to hand stitch, plus I printed out the pattern from the free download, just so I wouldn't have to trace the pattern (I hate tracing)! :)

    Thanks again for hosting the sew-along! I enjoyed it a lot. Good luck with your PR&P!

    And wow, your little guy sure has a head of hair, doesn't he? :) Such a cutie!

  2. I'm so sorry it didn't manage to complete a LTTSA project this month! (Well, time is terribly missing here...), I would have really enjoyed to take part in this final part!
    Thanks for having led this sew-along!

  3. I'm really sad that I am only joining in for this last project, particularly as I made the bucket hat last summer :-) Your vest turned out brilliantly and I just love that lining. I love how little ones can look so pleased with a new garment that gives them a world of new adventures! I hope he enjoys his travels at the end of the garden.

    I have recently made the Little Red Riding Hood Cape and my daughter really loves it (and so do I)

    I actually have a second bucket hat partially made as a 'hibernating' project...perhaps it is time to get it finished!

  4. I like your vest - so cute! Love those pockets!

  5. Your vest turned out so fun! The prints are great!

  6. The last project, that is sad! I love how yours turned out. Did Hendrix really say that about the watches and sunglasses? That's waaaayyyy too funny. I'm almost finished my vest.... just dreading the buttons and trying to decide if I'm going to leave them out completely, use snaps or whatnot..... Thanks for an awesome sew along :)

  7. So we moved this month and no sewing. But love your vest as usual and thanks so much for hosting this great little party.

  8. Love your vest and I always thing Echino fabrics look amazing on everything!

  9. The vest looks fantastic, and I just love his posing! Do you think we're all creating a generation of would-be models with our sewing/blogs?
    The idea of him selling watches from the vest is hilarious. Wouldn't it be awesome to find some sort of watch fabric to use for the lining?
    I've loved participating in this sew along! Thanks so much for hosting!

  10. he looks so proud of his vest jessica! so cute! and i am sure you are pleased that he is finally able to contribute to your family financially! those watches aren't going to sell themselves! ;)

  11. Oh, congrats on the final linkup and great job hosting - this was fun to watch! Super cute vest. Exciting things to come for you! :)

  12. He is so cute. Ack! The vest is adorable.

  13. I so love your vest, it is so adorable!!

  14. ooh I love this. Super cute with the echino!!! :)

  15. LOve this! do you have a pattern you would be willing to share? My son will be diego for halloween this year :)


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