Friday, March 30, 2012

Quick Tip: Transferring Pattern Marks

This was a total "duh" moment I had while making Elsie's skirts the other day, so I thought I'd share with you real quick.

I've never had a very precise way of transferring important markings from pattern pieces to the fabric. Then I thought, "Hey I should just hold it up against the window." It worked. I was able to mark exactly where the lines should be on the side panels for perfecto pleats.

I always trace my pattern onto freezer paper, which then sticks to the fabric. But I imagine it would work with other tracing or pattern paper, it would just be a little trickier to hold everything in place. Maybe you could tape the paper to the window.

I should also share that marking tool I'm using is my new-ish favorite after a long search. It's a Bohin refillable chalk pencil. I love it because the chalk is strong and doesn't wipe away too easily, even though it always washes off. It also comes with lots of colors you can stick in the pencil part so that there's always something that will show up on whatever color fabric you are using. I've also used it for marking quilting lines. So anything that helps with quilting and garment sewing is indispensable in my tool belt.

Hope everyone has a fun and productive sewing weekend. And I hope all the projects I've committed to magically complete themselves, so I can get down to designing some more kid's couture meant purely for showing off :)


  1. Those are great tips, I already have a quilting pencil that must be somewhat similar it has grey and white lead. The window trick I never thought of though, now if only my sewing room weren't in the basement and I wasn't usually sewing after the sun goes down :)

  2. Great tip, but be careful with the blue chalk! I used it to mark quilting lines on cream but it didn't wash off. If you look closely at the sample I made for Sewn, you'll see some traces of blue, even though it's been washed at least twice by me. Whoops! ;)

  3. hey, thanks for flipping me off! real nice! ;) xo

  4. Genius. Duh, why haven't I done this?? (oh yeah, because i sew in the basement and the windows are above my head...)

  5. Never thought of doing that! Then again how often do I get to sew in daylight? The trick I discovered is shoving a pin through the marking and into my fabric if it is a dot, or both ends of a line. Then I just lift up the paper pattern piece and scratch a little marking right up against where the pin goes into the fabric. Like a ghetto tailor tack. Lol.

  6. I've done the pin thing to mark fabric, but never thought to use the window. Love it! Thanks!


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