Monday, March 26, 2012

Solids Swapping

A couple of weeks ago I sent off a little package of solids goodies to Allegory for the "For the Love of Solids" Flickr swap, the star of which was this wall hanging:

You may be thinking that my squares look lined up really really well in the above picture. Or you may be thinking, "No, I wasn't thinking that. But I am now." Or you may be thinking you would still beat me in a seam-line-up-off any day. Either way, I used trickery to create this patchworkery. Pellon makes a product called Quilter's Grid that is a light fusible interfacing covered in a grid of one inch squares. Mine started at 2 inches each, and i just arranged them on top of the grid, fused them down, then folded each seam over on itself, sewing a quarter inch seam. First you do all the horizontal seams, then all the vertical. or vice-versa. It's kind of hard to picture, but I think Elizabeth Hartman has done some tutorials on it recently.

Without the fusible grid stuff, this would have taken me ages. Mostly because I am horrible at keeping rows of patchwork organized. Also, my seams would not have looked half this good.

**ETA: I forgot to mention this design is totally a rip off of part of Carmen's AWESOME quilt.

I had to include this picture of the back, mostly to point out that bigger pucker I got on the top right. I feel the need to do this on the blog sometimes for keeping-it-real type purposes and all that :)

I started out with a completely different project for this swap, but changed direction once I realized that my partner got extremely excited about anything in the group pool that was video game and geekery related. So even though that's not really my thing, I just had to make it for her and I'm really glad I did. I got to learn a new trick with the quilter's grid, my husband really liked something I made, and I was 99.9% sure Allegory would love it as well, which is all that matters. Swaps are good for making you go outside your normal style and comfort zone sometimes.

And this is the very awesome package I received from Katy! She picked the perfect colors and arrangement for my mini- so cool! It's looks perfect on my TV table. She also made this cute drawstring bag, which I love. Thanks Katy!!!

Lately, I've just been working on super-secret things for Project Run and Play. OOOOOh secrets...
Can't wait to spill!

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  1. Extra life!!! I love both of these minis. The one Katy made for you is super awesome.

    It's hard NOT to get puckers when you quilt diagonally, I've found. I haven't tried the technique with fusible backing for patchwork, but your seams do look very accurate!

  2. I've heard about that fusible backing - sounds interesting....sure leads to good results! And thanks for 'keeping it real' - we all feel better now! ;-)

  3. I LOVE your mini!! SO, SO much! I have actually been dreaming of making a Tetris quilt -- I was obsessed with both Tetris and Dr. Mario for years and years! :)

  4. Hahaha, omigosh I LOVE the 1UP quilt!!! Three cheers for Super Mario Bros. Pinning it, not that you care since you're boycotting it. :)

  5. #1-LOVE LOVE LOVE the wall hanging.
    #2-Can't wait to see the super secret Project Run and Play things.
    #3-Did I mention I love the wall hanging?

  6. I hear they're lots of fun, but I still haven't signed up for any of these "make something for another sewist on Flickr" swaps -- just haven't been able to make the time! But I always think the best part of it is when someone cares enough to pay attention to their partners preferences, especially since those preferences are probably only revealed without that partner being fully aware that they're doing it! So anyway, I'm sure you made their day:)

  7. Oh my boys would go mad for that mushroom mini! Great job! :-)

  8. Fun! My boy recognized that as "Mario" right away!


  9. holy perfect quilt batman! i am sure she looooved it so much! and thanks for keeping it real. i hate it when i do that but always think, when i wash it no one but me will ever notice. i love the mini and the drawstring bag you received. super cute.

  10. I still love it! I often pet it when I'm coming out of my office ;)


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