Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Chair Story

This blue velvet chair is my very favorite item in our home. 
We bought it a few years ago on craigslist for $30.
At the time, we had just moved in to a 4th floor loft apartment downtown in Over the Rhine, with no elevator. 
We very naively allowed some guy off the street to carry it upstairs for us. 
When he left, we looked at each other and agreed that was really very stupid. 
That guy turned out to be Kevin, our favorite corner drunk over the years.

A couple of weeks ago, Hendrix vomited all over it. The curdled milk kind. 
As I was cleaning him, Nick was cleaning the chair and declared that the damage might be irreversible and the chair might just be rendered trash. 
This news was crushing. 

I cleaned it some more, took the cushion cover off, and threw away the foam inside. 
The cover washed up fine in the laundry, and I kept working on the chair.
I bought new foam from Joann's when it went on sale for 50% off.
The blue velvet chair is still alive. Febrezed and beautiful.

Don't it always seem to go, that you don't what you've got until your kid ralphs all over it? 

What's your favorite thing in your house?


  1. the chair is beautiful & I am so glad that you were able to save it!
    I have a different favorite thing in my house pretty much everyday. But today may be my green kartell Take Lamp.

  2. That is a stunner! Jesse and I just bought the loveliest vintage orange sette on Kijiji. Seriously THE DAY we got it George spilled water all over it and gave it a big ol' stain. First - water? Who knew that could stain? Second, I should have seen that coming. Oh well.

  3. Well, it would be THAT chair if you would give it to me.

  4. OH wow. Lucky save! I've got so many favorite things...right now I think its our new couch. Its not particularly cute or fancy, but its the first brand new piece of furniture we've bought. It kinda confirms in my mind that we're really grown ups with real jobs that really pay for things like couches :)


  5. This just made me realize that I don't really care for any of my furniture or decor that much...i need to work on that. I would probably say my kitchen. Brandon and his dad totally renovated it before we moved in and I'm real thankful for it.

  6. Love that chair!! I'm so glad you were able to save it. For me it's not my kid but my cat who pukes on everything, haha!

  7. Favorite thing changes regularly. I'm going to say the tea set that my Mom gave me that's been in her family for ever. Not counting all the sentimantal stuff.


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