Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Small Makeover

I'm 32 weeks and I have a small case of frantic nesting. Suddenly, every little plan and project I've put off must get done. Now. I think most of you can also relate to feeling like you are never satisfied with all the decor in your house. But that's the fun of it- you don't have to be satisfied, you can just keep making small changes to satisfy the decor ADD.

I didn't take a before picture of this little vignette on top of the dining room book shelf. Just imagine a pile of junk. It used to have some pretty thrifted pitchers up there that I got sick of a couple months ago and took back to the thrift store with the intent of getting new pretties to put up. But that didn't happen until yesterday. I actually went the antique market for that purpose, but of course came home with everything but objects for this space. So I just "thrifted" from other spots in my home, which turns out is just as fun to do.

I finally put up Olivia's beautiful print in a frame we already had. I love it in this spot. The buddha statue thing has an interesting story. About a year after Hurricane Katrina, Nick and I went on a group work trip to New Orleans to gut houses that had still been untouched since the flood. He found this in one of the houses, and it was one of the only things that wasn't totally molded and destroyed. The owners had left it all, so the guy in charge of our work group said it was ok for him to take. It's kind of a really sad story actually, but it's a good reminder of that trip. And the statue itself just makes me smile. 

Someone has become a little obsessed with knives, and with turning any long objects into knives. Where do boys learn this stuff?


  1. Hey cool print... I mean.. no, that's what I mean.

    P.S. I always take things that are already in my home and redecorate with them somewhere else, because I can spend more money on important things like coffee and fabric.

  2. 1. Hendrix is getting SOO BIG!
    2. My boys found one can of playdough the other day and insisted on having knives. I also give them plastic knives. It really is crazy how boys LOVE boy things (knives, hitting, balls, etc.)

  3. That looks really good, I also am discontent with my stuff in the same old places and have been moving it around, not with as dramatic results as yours. And also I'm not pregnant and nesting. I never knew the buddha story before, good story.


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