Friday, March 18, 2011

On the Interwebs

Did you happen to see this scrap wood coat rack in the Project Restyle Flickr group? I love it! If only I lived in a place that didn't have paper walls that would totally be collapsed by such a thing.

Made this Spicy Orange Shrimp this week (with rice and edamame). Except I accidently put in about twice as much cayenne as I should have. Still good- some like it hot. 

Street Art you can do with the kids, non-vandal style. What a cool mom. 

Best costume ever.   ("A never-nude? Is that exactly what it sounds like?")

Cardboard! A new creative medium to explore with kids? Yes, if you do it like this mom. You must check out the links at the bottom of the post to all the cardboard things her family has made.

An entire blog devoted to satirizing blogging culture. So funny.

My weekend plans include a wedding, which is very fun, but you know what isn't fun? The fact that I have to go shopping tonight (with toddler) in an attempt to find a dress to fit my whale body. Ugh... wait, I'm not going to start being that whiny pregnant girl around here. Nope, I love being pregnant!! I'm totally not over it!! I wish I peed more at night! In fact, why can't we be pregnant for like 50 weeks instead of 40? Elephants are soooooo lucky with their 2 years of gestation!

Happy weekend :)

***eta: Bit of Whimsy is having a 20% off sale until Sunday. I couldn't resist and just bought a doll pattern and a squirrel pattern.


  1. I have been watching lots of arrested development this week. fantastic.


  2. Fun fact: my wifi network is named nevernude. Love it! I've been watching AD all week while I've been doing massive hours of data entry.

    Also, those little stones? So cute!!


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