Monday, March 28, 2011

Domestic Goddesses Need a Cute Apron.

My parents came up to visit this weekend so my mom could come to my baby shower. Of course, mom wanted to visit Sewn Studio, and while we were there she decided she wanted to make an apron and we picked out fabric for it.

That night, I searched my crafty online resources for apron patterns, and we decided on this pattern from Sew4Home. 

These are the adorable results. We basically used the pattern shape and changed everything else about the way the apron is made. Instead of using bias tape all the way around, we lined it with another fabric and topstitched around to finish. And we sewed regular straps in between the layers instead of those weird knotted ones.

And I actually taught my mom, the very seasoned seamstress, how to add piping! We used some I had leftover just at the top of the pockets and by the top strap, and it added so much.

She was amazed at the quick gratification of completing a free project found online that wasn't a huge quilt, and I just got to have fun sewing with my mom. I've never really wanted an apron for myself before, but now I might need to make one. Well, after my body is in a semi-normal, non-bloated state. They really are so easy and endlessly customizable. Isn't my mom the cutest?


  1. Verry cute! I've made a couple from this pattern also and it is very customizable. Heres one that I added a little ruffle to.

  2. Nice work!I like the fabrics that you have chozen!

  3. Love it and Love your mom too : )!! What a great bonding experience.
    Are you ready to make an Irish Dancing Dress? I'll send Amanda up for a weekend (or maybe just myself : ) )
    Miss you guys!

  4. She is pretty cute.

  5. I totally agree...although you can't beat Anthropology when it comes to aprons. So cute.

    PS you and your mom look so much alike!!


  6. Had so much fun making that apron with my girl! Now it's on to making a quilt for a very precious baby girl that we are all about to meet.


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