Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Dress a Week #4

Last week, I got out Hendrix's big tote of 0-6 month clothes to pull out what I could use, or alter to use for a girl. It was nostalgic and sweet to look at his tiny teeny items, but it also confirmed my suspicions that yes, little girl clothes are generally more fun. 

So I made a couple of dresses from nautical-looking onesies of his. This one's skirt was made from pieced old t-shirts. It was inspired by this version, although I put mine together differently. I love the stripes and colors, but when I first attached the skirt, the front of that seam was really jacked up. I was able to pick it out and fix it, but you can see where the old stitches were on the cheap onesie material if you look closely. It's still cute enough for my own kid, just enough of a screw-up that I wouldn't gift it to someone else's kid. 

When I made this second one, I followed Prudent Baby's instructions for attaching the skirt, which made about 159 times more sense. Then I added the purple ribbon just for extra flair. It's her super-hip, mixed prints, chevron and strips outfit. 

And then I couldn't resist sticking Florence Henderson on a onesie, of course. This is what was on that yellow tshirt I used for the anchor dress. It also said "Florence Ya'll" above her face, (you locals might appreciate that) but the words wouldn't fit. This onesie really makes me smile. Hopefully my daughter will grow in a natural mullet like that. 


  1. Your dress turned out super cute! sorry my instructions didn't make more sense. :( good thing Prudent Baby came to the rescue. haha!

  2. The dress at the top is my favorite one you've made so far. my prediction is that she will wear it the most.

  3. These are adorable, never thought of recycling a onesey. She will be the cutest in them.


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