Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh Brother

I love my new machine. I love it so much I'm going to tell you all about it, like one of those obnoxious girls who has a new boyfriend and actually thinks people want to hear about how funny and romantic he is and how he wrote her a song and played it for her in the middle of the park right before serving her a picnic he made of delicious wine and accompanying cheeses and olives. Gag. But for real, my new sewing machine is soooooo dreamy and I love him. (Also, sorry about the dark pictures, I promise he is even sexier when it isn't extra gray all day.)

First of all, it just runs like a dream. Smoother, quieter, prettier stitches. I've also highlighted some of my favorite features for you, thanks to random stickers from picnik. 

  • First, draw your attention to the red arrow. That first button on the left is just the start/stop sewing button. This seems so simple, but you can actually use this to sew instead of the pedal if you need to. Of course, I prefer to use the petal, but Stephanie at Sewn pointed out that this would be great for teaching a kid to sew, since they don't really have the foot coordination thing down yet. 
  • The button next to that one is just the reverse/backstitch button, which I think every machine has, but the one to the right of that is pretty cool. This machine ALWAYS stops with the needle in the down position, which in itself is revolutionary. (You know, because if you have to stop and adjust anything, the fabric can't slide around everywhere.) But if you press this button once, the needle goes up, and if you press it twice, it makes just one complete stitch. Awesome.
  • The button next to that with the scissors on it is the automatic thread cutter. My old machine had a blade way over on the side you had to pull over to, but this just cuts it nice and neat for you right there, no long tails or anything. 
  • Now you'll see a switch getting struck with some BA neon yellow lightning. That is the speed control. If you were doing some really intricate turning or detailed applique, you could set it on slow or medium so that the petal never goes any faster than that. This would also be good for teaching beginners and kids. 
  • The green arrow to the left is pointing to the automatic needle threader, which you can't really see. It's just a lever you pull down, and ka-BLAM, the needle is threaded. My other machine had some device that was supposed to be an automatic threader, but it was so confusing I always just found it easier to do it myself. This one is truly easy and automatic, not a lie. All of the top threading and bobbin winding is easier too.
  • Now you'll notice an area being landed on by a tiny blue spaceship. Well, that's because the LCD screen is bright and clear enough to be a nice landing pad for tiny extra-terrestrials. The machine has something like 300 stitches and it's all very easy and computerized. It can even embroider 3 different styles of letters. I haven't had much chance to play around with these fancy things yet, but adjusting the basic stitches I have used in width and length is very easy. There is also a little icon on the screen that tells you exactly which foot you should be using for the selected stitch, which is pretty cool. 


This little attachment on the right of the machine might be favorite thing though. You can just press it over with your knee to raise the presser foot. Today I was sewing the end of a piece of elastic into the casing, and it was easy using this, because I needed both of my hands to avoid losing the elastic down into the casing. Love it. 

Also, that picture on the right shows the little accessories tray stored right in the front. It came with something like 12 specialty feet, and there is a place for all of them (more room under the tray.) This is great, because I'm very unorganized, and I could never find the few accessories that went with my old machine. 

Ok, enough babbling about new love for now. I realize that there are going to be maybe 3 people who actually read this post, but hopefully this is helpful to someone in the market for a new machine. Here it is on Brother's site. 


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  2. Thanks so much! I am a new reader of your blog and I am looking for a new machine. This was ever so helpful! Thanks! Stacey

  3. Glad you're enjoying your new machine! Fun review :)

  4. I read it! I currently have the most basic sewing machine EVER! I love it but I'd love to have something fancy shmancy like your new Brother!

    I'm drooling over the automatic threader, the button that keeps the needle down when you stop and the automatic thread cutter! Come on! that's awesome! And I'd love to have more than 13 stitches too!

    And I had no idea such a thing like a knee pedal to raise the foot even existed!

    Ok wiping the drool off my keyboard...

  5. I am in the market for a new machine. All the choices makes it very confusing. I currently have a Brother portable, and I HATE it.

  6. I have this machine and I love it. However, mine is female and named Heidi after Ms Klum ala Project Runway. I did NOT know that you could lift that tray out! I can get rid of the plastic bag. Thanks! And don't you just love having SEWN in the neighborhood?!

  7. I'm currently shopping around for a new sewing machine and your review helped a lot!~ Cause Brothers have too many to choose from. Haha.

  8. Yay!!!! I understand the joys you have shared and the novelty of the up/down needle position, speed selector, needle threader/cutter... they are some of my FAVORITE features as well :) I too have babbled at others illustrating these amazing features of my Christmas present from my sweet hubby who spent 2hrs in JoAnn's talking to the ladies there and sewing on a variety of machines before buying me a Viking Emerald 118. I share your joy at owning an awesome machine and offer you Congrats :)

  9. Well I officially want a Brother sewing machine now. Especially the automatic thread cutter and the fact that the needle always stops in the down position. I know those are little things but they both would be SO nice.
    The automatic needle threader would be awesome too.
    This post was DEFINITELY helpful. Seriously I may just end up buying this machine because of you. I need a new one desperately and choosing one that I know someone else likes would be a smart thing to do. Thanks so much for taking the time to write it up!

  10. Thank you, thank you! I keep thinking my old singer is "fixed" but I'm finally coming around to admitting that I am in DENIAL! This review was so stinkin' helpful. Thanks again! Oh, and thanks for the link love. Glad you liked the interview with Barb! xo

  11. Thanks for the review. I've been thinking of upgrading, and you hilighted the features I am most interested in. Love you blog!

  12. I read the whole thing. My favorite was "ka-blam!" so good. Anyways, this is fantastic. I'm in the market for a new machine....mine's pretty outdated...and this looks right up my alley. Thanks for sharing Jessica! ALL THOSE LOVELY FEATURES.... oh man! Its all so automatic! :::sigh::: Enjoy every minute of it.



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