Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Squid Softie

I made this from one of Bit of Whimsy's free patterns. I might have to also invest in one of their doll patterns because they are so adorable. But this free little squid was a fun find. 

A word of advice though if you try it. Those tentacles are pretty thin, so you would be wise to learn this turning trick. Actually, you should learn it anyway, because there are many sewing instances where the clothes pin trick makes life a lot easier. 

I felt pretty satisfied with myself after I had easily turned all the tentacles that way, but then I realized they still had to be stuffed. I'll be honest, that part was kind of a bitch, but it gave me a chance to sit and enjoy a couple old episodes of Arrested Development. (By the way, if you love AD, look at these paper dolls!) 

Lots of people use a chopstick for stuffing and poking out corners, but I prefer a bamboo grill skewer. It's longer, thinner, and sharper. 

I also added that ribbon loop on top so it can hang from her infant carrier or play gym. 

Less than 6 weeks left. Holy moly. 


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