Monday, March 14, 2011

A Dress a Week #3 (Plus some extras)

I finally got to use some Innocent Crush! I think I have wanted to make a dress out of that particular fabric on the left, probably since I was small enough to wear this dress. Yes, I know that doesn't make any sense, but I also know it in my soul to be true. Got them both at Sewn, of course.

I used this great tutorial on how to make any dress pattern reversible. But I drew the actual pattern myself, which I've never tried before, so I hope it actually fits her at some point in her life. It looks like it should though.

And here's a peek at some of the pillowcases dresses I made for the sew-along. The deadline is this Wednesday to be entered into the drawing for prizes, but the charity is always accepting dresses. I'll keep the button in my sidebar so you can find the info, it's a great idea and a great cause. Plus Vanessa's tutorial and pattern is fantastic anytime you just want to whip up something cute for a girl in your life.

So yeah, a lot of dresses here this week. Poor Hendrix needs me to sew him something manly. But he and I had a great weekend together, including several dance parties to this song:
(and yes, we do like to wear tribal scrappy-fur vests like this, it really enhances the dancing.)

Really, any song with a double-clap is just irresistible.


  1. Those dresses are so precious! And it's such a great charity!

    And that song is definitely a good dance party song, hehe. ♥

  2. Such cute dresses! And heck yes, who doesn't love Florence + the Machine?!

  3. oh florence. so awesome and addicting. ear worm anyone? yes, this song is now stuck in my head. and the dresses are adorable!

  4. Wow, I adore these sweet little dresses!

  5. Your dresses turned out so cute. I featured them on my blog!

  6. HI, I tried to go to your link about making any pattern reversible, but keep getting an error message. Is there a name for the website, so that I can try to type it into my browser?
    I love all your dresses here, you have used great fabrics in great combinations!


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