Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Stuff from the Antique Mall

Duck Creek Antique Mall is right down the road from us, but for some reason I've never visited in the 2+ years we've lived in this neighborhood. Until today. 

The thing about antique malls is that they usually have tons of great selection, but their prices aren't generally as great as weekend antique markets or thrift stores. Still, I did not come home empty handed. 

I don't know what I'll do with this little plate, but it was only $2 so I couldn't resist.

Pyrex! I probably won't keep this lovely set of mixing bowls for myself, because I have absolutely no room for dishes that are mostly just for looking at. But the dishware is always what I'm most drawn to in these places. Maybe one day I'll live in a place big enough for a pretty mid-century cabinet full of pretty dishes.

But the find I was most excited about was this set of 4 alphabet coloring books. I knew I had to have it for the kids' room. Jim and Jane here may look like they have angry eyebrows, but they are really just excited about letters.

How creepy-cute is that mouse? Every letter has a colored page and a blank page to color. So they will be perfect for cutting apart and hanging up along the walls because the letters aren't different from front to back. And in a couple years I can switch them around and let the kids color their own alphabet art. I love it. It was $20, which at first I thought was a little steep. But then I reasoned that it's a really good price for 26 separate alphabet prints in perfect condition. And I think it will make a big impact in the room.

Anybody have any great ideas for how I should hang them up or display them?


  1. oh man - I am lOVING that Mayflower plate! Over time I slowly (and completely unintentionally) started a thrifted decorative plate collection. I have a couple of Kennedy plates, Niagra Falls, a 3D Mt. Rushmore and a couple of other beauties. They're hung about our house, some in groups and some on their own... Great find!


  2. those bowls are good. they will last forever! I think Brandon's grandma has had some like them for centuries.

  3. love the alphabet prints. i would go to the dollar store and buy out their selection of white thick frames with mattes (probably painted plastic, but it still looks good. if you run out of white, get other colors and paint them

  4. Nice plate! I really love it :)



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